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The Wood Science and Technology program is designed to prepare students for the challenges of a wood products industry career.

Welcome to the Wood Science and Technology Program! The wood products and related industries employ an estimated 10.6 million people nationwide. Yet only 22 American universities provide programs specifically designed to educate professionals to manage and provide technical expertise to the industry. West Virginia University is one of them.

In the Spotlight …

  • Dr. Jingxin Wang has been named a Benedum Distinguished Scholar in recognition of the high caliber of his research and scholarly activity. Read more HERE.
  • Wood Science and Technology scientists, Dr. Jingxin Wang and Dr. Jamie Schuler, are leading a $3 million bioenergy effort.
  • Dr. Jingxin Wang will lead a team of WVU researchers trying to make green energy materials even greener by using naturally occurring nanometer-level structures that already exist in plant matter to develop a more efficient and lower cost solution that remains environmentally friendly. Read more HERE.
  • Dr. Nicolas Zegre has been named as one of the Top Five Forestry Professors in the nation by Fire Science. Read more HERE.
  • The home of WVU’s Dana Holgorsen is the first luxury residence in the U.S. to be built completely of cross-laminated timber. Read More>>
  • WVU has received $250,000 from the USDA to explore the power of wood as an energy resource. Professor Jingxin Wang will lead and coordinate a 17-member team to facilitate bio-business development in West Virginia. Read More>>
  • Dr. Gloria Oporto, Assistant Professor of Wood Science and Technology in the Division of Forestry and Natural Resources, has received a significant research award to establish the scientific framework to efficiently fabricate novel nanocomposite films by grafting biocide nanoparticles on cellulose based-materials. Read More>>
  • Dr. Kaushlendra Singh is one of six higher education faculty in WV to receive mini-grants from the Division of Science and Research, West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission. These mini-Grants fund summer stipends for faculty members to prepare research grant proposals. Read More>>